sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

Do you Remember Him?

It has been at least 6 months since last time I posted something here. I can't believe how fast time has gone by since I returned home from serving as a full-time missionary. It's incredible!
Earlier today I decided to read through some of my journals and notes and I found something I believe is worthwhile sharing.  It's about one person who, believe it or not, loves you more than anything you have ever felt or understood. His name is Jesus Christ. Take a moment and let us remember Him together as we read this message about forgiveness and forgiving.

"O man, forgive thy mortal foe,
nor ever strike him blow for blow,
for all the souls on earth that live,
to be forgiven must forgive.
Forgive him seventy times and seven,
for all the blessed souls in heaven
are both forgivers and FORGIVEN. "

Alfred Lord Temyson

I believe a mark of true greatness is the forgiving heart. Let us go back in time and take the example of Stephen. A man "full of faith and of the Holy Ghost", according to the Bible. His greatness exceeded that which is ordinary, so much that people "saw his face as if it had been the face of an angel." (See Acts 6:15) After one of his sermons he became victim of men who persecuted him. (Read about this!-verse 58-60) "And he knelled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge."

It is impossible to speak about greatness and forgiveness without referring to the reason of all of us being on earth today. The supreme example of forgiveness and infinite love: Our Savior Jesus Christ. All his life he had been victim of indignities. From the day He was born he quietly suffered around evil men. Pushed around and buffeted. Not an angry word escaped his lips. He was slapped in the face and literally everywhere else. Yet He never lost His posture. Following His own advise and turning the other cheek He withstood the ugliest humiliations. He seemed not to condemn those whom despite fully used Him. He suffered in the hands of His own people. "I came unto my own", he said, "and my own received me not." He was required to carry His own cross and suffered excruciating pain. Finally, during His final moments He said these immortal words: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." (See Luke 23:43)

Forgiving one another and turning to Christ for forgiveness is truly admirable. It is the sublime expression of Christ-like love and faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore, remember that just as we can turn to Christ as an example, we can also turn to Him for forgiveness.

Forgiveness is available to all and it is one of the most glorious principles God ever gave to men. I know that His power to heal us is real and it is indeed, a miracle.
Don't wait to transform your life through the miraculously power of forgiveness.

Remember that all the blessed souls in heaven are both forgivers and forgiven.

Happy Easter! :)

Yael Esper

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